Passengers left feeling ‘honoured’ after pilot’s tearjerking speech before final flight

The sweet video capturing the pilot’s final speech before retirement has recently gone viral, leaving people in floods of tears at the sentimental moment which was shared online

A pilot’s retirement speech before his final flight has gone viral after being shared on social media – with many viewers dubbing it ‘tearjerking.’

Captain Conrad left people feeling rather emotional after a sweet video of the moment resurfaced on Reddit, where people commented they would have felt ‘honoured’ to be on the plane.

Aboard the Delta Airlines flight, the captain lets passengers know that they are on his final flight – after a lengthy four decades of service.

In the video, he cheekily enquires: “Before I go, I just want to ask you a quick question. Can I see a show of hands, how many people here were born before 1976?”

The older passengers laugh, as he jokily adds: “Oh we got a lot of old people on this plane. I’m disappointed”.

He then reminisces about his flying career, which started in the Air Force where he took his first training flight.

He mistily adds: “Forty three years later, and eight different aeroplanes, and about 10,000 to 12,000 flights and 25,000 hours of flying…I’m glad to have you here on my last flight.”

After applause breaks out, he tearily continues: “Sorry if I’m a little emotional, it’s kind of hard to hang up forty five years of your life.

“Anyway, in case you’re wondering if we’re going to have a good flight, we are,” before pointing out his family that have come aboard for his final flight.

Captain Conrad then adds: “This is probably going to be the safest flight you’ve ever been on and not because my wife says it has to be.

“Enjoy your flight, my last parting shout before we go and land in Detroit is that I’m going to authorise for everyone to have a complimentary drinks on the flight.

“If you want something, order it and we’ll put it on Delta’s tab. Thanks for flying with us

People were left feeling emotional about the sweet clip, which was originally posted one year ago.

One person commented: “The video is excellent. I didn’t realise how he was almost not keeping it together with emotion. Such a bad ass moment.”

Another wrote: “The video is excellent. I didn’t realise how he was almost not keeping it together with emotion. Such a bad ass moment.”

A third added: ““I’m authorising free drinks to anybody who wants one. We’ll put it on Delta’s Tab.” – Captain Conrad. Hell of a pilot, an even better man.”