Golden retriever brings ball to girlfriend next door every day in impossibly cute video

Lady, who has 190k Instagram followers, has a love interest in their LA neighbourhood who passes her a tennis ball every day

An adorable golden retriever couple have been melting hearts with their very own Disney-style love story.

And much like Lady and the Tramp, Lady the golden retriever has caught the attention of one of her neighbours – another gorgeous goldie.

Lady passes by his house every day on her daily walk, where the lovestruck dog throws his tennis ball through the garden gate for her.

The video, posted by ladyandtheblues – who has 190,000 Instagram followers – read: “My neighbour’s dog brings a ball to my dog every time we pass their house.”

And people just can’t get enough of their friendship, with one saying it gave them ‘Disney vibes’.

The compilation sees the dog pass Lady a gift through the gate eight times, with the social media star pup showing off a new collar and lead combo in each clip – including a cute festive bandana.

But it just goes to show that the neighbouring dog really does give her his ball every single day.

Fans are calling for them to meet for a playdate, with one writing: “Please ask owners if they can play together!”

While a third joked: “The neighbours when they get home and realise they have to buy ANOTHER ball.”

But Lady’s owner, who lives in LA, told followers to ‘stay tuned’ for an adorable playdate at the weekend.

In another romantic love story, Barney the golden has fallen for a dog in his neighbourhood, called Red – and he kisses her every day on his walk.

The puppy is obsessed with the terrier, and hops up onto the garden wall to give her a smooch every time he passes.

Goldens are just social by nature, and love making friends – in fact, PhiPhi, from Melbourne, Australia, discovered a peep hole in her garden fence and now can’t stop spying on her neighbour.

The goldie likes to see what next door’s Samoyed, Bentley, is up to, and peers through the hole in a bid to get his attention each morning.