Woman shares simple and cheap cleaning trick to leave your walls mould-free

Fans of cleaning expert Mrs Hinch have banded together to share their own tips and tricks and have shared one technique that they say rids walls of black mould and stops it from coming back

No matter how hard you scrub your walls it can seem impossible to get rid of stubborn black mould when it sets in, but now cleaning enthusiasts have shared their advice on how to get rid of it.

Fans of Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, have formed a group on social media where they trade tricks and trips, and recently they turned their attention to black mould.

It began after one fan, Sophie Collins, said that she had been struggling to rid her walls of the irritating and potentially hazardous mould and that she had tried everything, as the Daily Express reports.

Soon, other cleaning fans had offered their advice – and many said that raw bleach was the answer, that and some elbow grease.

Jade Kirk said: “I used raw bleach on mine a few months ago and it hasn’t come back.”

Kirsty Lafay wrote: “Clean with pure bleach, wait until it’s dry and maybe use a damp seal paint, that’s what I’ve had to do to ours.”

Paula Lawson commented: “When I had loads of mould I was told to use bleach to wipe it off, then put gloss over it.

“It was a while before it came back to be honest. Hope you sort it out soon.”

Pat O’Toole said: “I moved into a house covered in mould like this. We threw on some protective gear and went to work with a bleach water mix, then painted with Kilz just like your recommendation. Haven’t had an issue in years.”

Andrea Gay replied: “When my son was a student he often had trouble with mould in his digs. Once a month, they would wash mould away with warm water and bleach added.”

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included using white vinegar, getting a cactus and using hairspray.

Lisa Burns said: “Spray it with some white vinegar, once clean make sure it dries out completely then paint it with anti mould paint.

“Also you can buy disposable dehumidifiers fairly cheap. I would put one on the windowsill.”

Donna Campbell said: “I had that and put a cactus in the window. It has absorbed the moisture and no more damp.”

Carla Frankish replied: “Scrub it then coat with hairspray.”